Special meteorological instruments

Doppler SODAR

Doppler SODAR PCS.2000 measures vertical profiles of wind and turbulence, monitors inversion layers and derives stability classes in height ranges of 15 m… ≥ 1000 m.

Temperature profile RASS I 1290 MHz RASS

The Doppler SODAR PCS.2000 system can be extended with radar components to the RASS system for vertical profiling of temperatures, temperature gradients and inversion layers synchronously with SODAR profiling

Doppler LIDAR Stream Line

The “Stream Line” impulse Doppler Lidar system operates at an eye-safe wavelength (1.5 µm, Class 1M) and provides backscatter intensity profiles from aerosols or clouds, Doppler wind components, and derived profiles of horizontal wind speed and wind direction.

Lidar LR111 Raymetrics

The system comes with a large telescope and a powerful laser, one of the most powerful scanning aerosol LIDARs. The device is safe for the eyes.