ENVItech s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in field of environment protection such as anlyze the problem, project development, supply of monitoring system, training of operating staff and long-time customer service.

Laboratory of air quality monitoring as part of ENVItech s.r.o. is accredited by The Slovak national accreditation service as a competent to carry out ambient air quality monitoring, sampling of PM2,5 and PM10 fraction of suspended particulate matter, measurement of meteorological parameters and expression of opinions and interpretations of the results of tests.


Accredited measurement: 

  • Pollutants : carbon monoxide(CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), PM2,5 and PM10
  • Meteorologicalparameters: wind speed and wind direction, air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure

Additional measurements:

  • Ozone, benzene, toluene, xylene, mercury, heavy metals analysis of the PM2, 5 and PM10
  • Balance of radiation, rainfall
  • Measurement of equivalent dose rate of gamma radiation in air

Measurement is made by a mobile measuring station (indicative measurements, time-limited survey measurements) or a stationary measuring station (continuos measurements).

Implementation projects 

Implementation projectof emission or immission monitoring system – specific solutions for specific customer, in accordance with applicable legislative requirements in the field of air protection. The project serves as a basis for the approval procedure for air protection authorities for building permission of an automated monitoring system (AMS).

Project covers :

  • Solution of measuring station and its equipment,
  • Design of measurement methods, analyzers, sensors and devices,
  • Control systems, collection, processing and archiving data, or remote data transmission provision of monitoring data to customer and to the authority of Air / public protection
  • Providing service after the monitoring system is set into operation.

Project of warning systems for industry companies

Specific solutions forspecific customer, in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements in the field of civil protection. The project serves as a basis for the approval procedure of civil protection authorities to permit the build up of an autonomous system of population warning and notification

Project covers :

Analysis of thearea, risks assessment and sources of threats,
Modeling of potential threats, the threats assessment
Determine the boundaries of  warning signal sound effects
The optimal solution warning system proposal (detectors, hazardous substances management system with data transmission, electronic siren with links to civil protection authorities).

Dispersion studies Matematické modelovanie rozptylu znečisťujúcich látok v ovzduší – výpočet očakávaného znečistenia ovzdušia pomocou rozptylového modelu WinMODIM. Výpočet môže zahŕňať emisie zo stacionárnych zdrojov znečisťovania ovzdušia (bodové, plošné, objemové zdroje) a z líniových zdrojov znečisťovania ovzdušia (automobilová doprava). Výstupom výpočtu sú mapy izočiar koncentrácií znečisťujúcich látok a hodnoty koncentrácií v uzlových bodoch uvažovanej oblasti resp. zvolených referenčných bodoch. WinMODIM je produktom ENVItech, s.r.o vytvorený v spolupráci s SHMÚ a GfÚ SAV. Vzhľadom na jeho kvality a spoľahlivosť je odporúčaný Ministerstvom životného prostredia SR pre modelovanie znečistenia ovzdušia.

  • matematické modelovanie znečistenia ovzdušia – stacionárne zdroje
  • matematické modelovanie znečistenia ovzdušia – líniové zdroje
  • matematické modelovanie znečistenia ovzdušia – stacionárne a líniové zdroje

Internet presentation of measured data Air Protection Legislation establishes an obligation for the operator of a monitoring system to provide data to air protection authorities and the public. ENVItech, s.r.o. provides as a service the presentation of data from the monitoring system in the form of a web presentation as a comprehensive solution from the acquisition of data from the measuring system, the conversion of the data to the appropriate format, and the creation and management of a web page displaying the required data.

Service works We provide wide range of operational and prophylacticcustomer service for all monitoring systems and products. Our knowledge and experience, continuous training of staff and quality technical equipment and facilities enable us to performe service works on high professional level.

Consulting services in the field ofenvironmental monitoring systems, we provide comprehensive consulting services such a legislative requirements for monitoring systems, the approval procedure for implementation and operation and maintenance. The experienceof our staff, theoretical and practical knowledge, an overview of the legislation allows us to provide consultancy services in various areas of environmental monitoring. In connectionwith the air quality monitoring, our company provide a complete supply of monitoring stations (containers) with accessories and equipment according to customer requirements, analyzers, technical support and after-sales service.

Research and development works in the field of environmental monitoring systems, including software for control systems, we offer development work according to customer requirements – development of new products as well as modification of existing products. Despite the wide portfolio of products from ENVItech, s.r.o., of which a large part comes from our own development, it is not possible to meet all specific customer requirements with standard products. In this case, we can modify existing products or develop new products according to specific customer requirements.