Traffic measurement devices

COVID technologies



PMFT System

Device for testing filters

Device for testing filter materials

Video for testing masks with the PMFT 1000 device

Monitoring of soil parameters

EGZ 1000

High voltage source 1000V DC for geophysical measurement

EGZ 5000

High voltage source 5000 V DC for geophysical measurement

HVS Tester

Joint tightness tester

Devices for monitoring odor substances

Measurement of H2S at a wastewater treatment plant

Autonomous system for measuring low concentrations of pollution

OdoScan – Systém pre plošnú analýzu pachov

An effective and affordable control and warning system for the assessment of odor impacts

OdoWatch – electronic nose

An array of electronic noses strategically placed on the surface around the source

Odile NG

Dynamic Dilution Olfactometer Odile NG (New Generation)

SS400 portable Olfactometer

Portable laboratory olfactometer Scentoid