Device for capturing data from measuring devices and sensors via serial communication and analog inputs.

– communication with sensors and devices via 3 serial lines (RS232/RS485)

– sensing 8 analog inputs

– communication with sensors via the OneWire bus

– display of current values

– communication with WinImag via Ethernet interface

– remote control via Ethernet

– firmware upgrade via USB

ARM 32-bit 144MHz processor

FRAM – 8 KB configuration

OLED display 128 x 64 points

Keyboard membrane keyboard 25 buttons

UART – COM1, COM2, COM3 RS232/RS485

USB firmware upgrade

Ethernet 10/100 Mbit EnviLan protocol (WinImag)

remote control (ERemoteControl)

inputs 8 analog ADC 12-bit

8 power outputs 3 TTL level outputs

One-Wire temperature sensor

         ERemote Control