Intelligent system for monitoring and operation of measuring stations.

A universal and robust tool that mainly enables the collection and processing of measured data, as well as remote control of system elements. Due to its versatility, it can be used for almost all systems in the field of measurement. Data can be obtained from a wide range of analyzers or meteorological sensors.

E-log enables the measurement of quantities in real time. For data collection, it is possible to use an internal 16 MB memory or an external Micro SD card as storage. Data storage can be set at any interval as needed. For communication with the central station, E-log uses a connection using an integrated GSM GPRS modem, with a slot for a SIM card of any operator. A 3 V battery is used for real-time backup in case of power failure.

The device is designed for stations with low consumption. The overall concept of the device is set to save energy while maintaining the maximum performance and capability of the device. It thus brings savings to the user in operating costs for energy while maintaining convenient control. A great benefit is the remote control of the device using user-friendly software, which saves the costs needed to operate the datalogger. The entire station can thus be operated remotely in comfort and without the need to travel. The reliable operation and performance of the data logger is ensured by the used CPU with an ARM 32-bit core, 8kB FRAM. The device is thus very suitable for measuring at stations in less accessible locations, where there is not a sufficient source of electricity, or for remote stations, the operation of which is not very accessible.

– Communication with connected analyzers and meteo sensors

– Analysis of measured values from analyzers and sensors

– Recording of measured data in the selected interval

– Remote control of system elements

– Measurement of technological quantities

– Communication with the central station

– Low energy demand and energy consumption

– Simple control with remote access

– Up to 16 analog inputs and 6 digital outputs

– Robust and light design with small dimensions

– Reliable measurement with optional data storage option

El. source 8 – 26 V DC

Maximum power 5 W

OLED display 128 x 64 points

Indication of 8 x LED diodes

Keyboard 6 x 4 keys

Number of analog inputs 16 pcs

Resolution of analog inputs 24 bit

Internal memory 16 MB

Micro SD external memory

Serial port 5 x

Digital outputs 6 x

Dimensions 165 x 165 x 55 mm

Port 1 RS-232 / RS-485

Port 2 RS-232 / RS-485

Port 3 RS-232 s CTS a RTS

Port 4 RS-422 / RS-485

Port 5 GSM, LoRa, Narrowband modem