Datalogger for recording hydrological, meteorological and other environmental data.

EMAM is a data logger for recording hydrological, meteorological and other environmental data. In a set with a sensor (e.g. water level heights MAM6 and MAM7) it records the data in memory and then evaluates them according to the set criteria for exceeding e.g. level and flow.

The data recording interval can be set from 1 second to 24 hours. It can transmit the recorded data via the GSM network to a remote server or data storage. For information on extraordinary values, EMAM sends messages via SMS to specified numbers. EMAM is equipped with remote configuration management via GSM and Bluetooth. All settings and values can be made via the graphic display with backlight and the keyboard. EMAM is capable of operating in an environment with condensing water vapor at temperatures from -30 to +50oC. The memory capacity is 200,000 records.

EMAM is intended for long-term operation without battery replacement for at least 5 years. The expected operating time for one battery is a maximum of 15 years. Structurally, EMAM is arranged for direct placement in a borehole or well. A powerful antenna is implemented for GSM communication, as the presence of the signal can be dampened by the steel structure and reinforced concrete. Individual probes are connected to EMAM by a communication cable with a maximum length of 1500 m. We supply the type of communication cable depending on the type of monitoring device.

– Water quality monitoring

– Durable robust design

– Maintenance free

– Various mounting options

– Long-term operation

– Extremely low power consumption

– Memory with a capacity of up to 200,000 records

– Various communication tools available

– Quality data

Diameter of EMAM Ø 80 mm

Height 200 mm

Weight 2kg

Memory 8 MB

Processor 32 bit

GSM SMS, GPRS services

Battery Li 3.6V 16Ah

Display 102 x 64 pt.

Connectivity USB, Bletooth, RS 485