Emission measuring station – Software used for emission measuring systems, installed directly on the measuring PC in the emission measuring station.


It is a collection of software and applications that secure the data collection, measuring and recording equipment, data processing and archiving in the entire emission system. These data are mostly not transmitted to the parent system, but they are presented directly on site. At the same time, records and protocols are created for legislative purposes.

Standard version, real-time capture of measured values and real-time digital real-time values, calculation of averages and other functions from measured quantities and states, archiving – database storage, data processing dependent on emission status
Optional version of WinEmag with web extension
Imaging and processing software above immission data, averages and calibration, technological data
New generation imaging and processing software over immission data, averages and calibration, technological data
Database of analog size and calibration protocols
Drivers for Advantech ADAM connection
Software for generating all types of emission measurement protocols in HTML format according to the legislation for continuous monitoring
Software for converting protocols into PDF format
PHP ViewEmis
PHP application file for web-presentation of data from protocols
Software support file for protocol transfer on www servers
Web application for displaying protocols on the web
PHP file application for data display on intranet