Support applications and modeling software – A number of smaller software works are universally used for all three types of the above mentioned stations.


These are applications for data presentation on a given PC or the Internet, specific device drivers, data processing and archiving software for different types of databases.

Also included are software for mathematical modeling and preparation of scattering studies.


Modim expert – WinMODIM 
Software for modeling and displaying gas spreading in an industrial environment based on vector maps and SQL databases.
* WinMODIM is the product of ENVItech, s.r.o created in cooperation with SHMU and GfÚ SAV. Due to its quality and reliability, it is recommended by the Ministry of the Environment for modeling air pollution.
Modbus RF
Standard modbus – slave
Modbus AO
Modbus – master for Advance Optima
Connection of TFID TOC analyzers
Connecting portable analyzers from Horiba production
Network communication between ENVItech’s systems
Network communication between ENVItech’s systems
Network communication between ENVItech’s systems
Communication software for industrial networks, serial communication, ethernet