WebVisualis CAS

WebVisualis is high professional web applications for displaying Visualis projects on a web page.

On WebVisualis application pages the user gets access to the emission measured and archived data in databases.

These data are presented in table or graphical form according to the setting of prearranged projects.

The user can choose the prepared project, set the desired data interval and load the data into the application.

The required data will be processed, evaluated and displayed by the configuration of selected project.

WebVisualis is providing following functions through user friendly web interface:


– all projects can be created only in Visualis

– displaying data in graph, table and wind rose (mathematical graph, which calculates with Wind direction, speed and pollutant concentration) view.

– displaying of all statistical tools, which can be displayed in Visualis and could be also independently displayed in month and year tables

– displaying of calibration results in a summary graphs and tables

– Marking data different attributes from both types of monitoring (air quality and emission)

– Exporting all tables into text or MS Excel formats

– Exporting all graphs into pictures formats

– Displaying of Air Quality Index projects, also with possibility to show them on a geographical background or maps with several points with different color (according to specific Air Quality Index at the locality).

– Automatic updates for all projects

– Visualis is needed only for creating projects for WebVisualis, it is not necessary to install Visualis at the computer, where is WebVisualis installed.