WinImag is a standard and universal communication, measuring and assessment software for continuous air quality monitoring.

WinImag is communicating with analyzers, devices and sensors via universal drivers, what enables connectivity to each device, which is based on standard communication protocols.

The system is extensible to other standards, so it is possible to connect any analyzer systems, state variables sensors and auxiliary variables that are necessary to continuous emission monitoring. For the software design were taken into account following criteria:

Software is compatible with Windows 10 and older versions.

  • Satisfy the requirements of valid regulations for imission measurement
  • Design a user-friendly software
  • Design a reliable software
  • Allow the user to modify the configuration

Design a flexible and modular system for processing measured data.



Using standard visual and control elements of the Windows environment ensures user-friendliness of the program.

Software reliability is ensured by the separation of individual tasks (data acquisition, data processing, etc.) into individual processes and the operating system Windows itself. System flexibility is predetermined by the OLE Automation technology, allowing user to expand the software using own programs using mentioned technology. Moreover, the system is able without requiring modifications to connect with the user’s technology management software for the operation, if the user is running such program.

System modularity is ensured by its biggest advantage, configuration ability. Software user can configure a measurement process, tailored to the local environment of the operation, and takes into consideration possible future changes in the technologies.


Recommended minimal PC configuration by using:

Processor Intel Pentium 2.8 GHz, an operating memory 2 GB, hard disc 160 GB, graphic adapter and display enabling

the resolution of 1024 x 768 points, 65 535 colors, video memory of 64 MB.

The software was developed within the development environment Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Studio 2010.

There was used the OLE Automation v-2.0 technology in the system.


Measuring system consists of equipment, that measures the pollutant concentrations at the measurement points, computer equipment and its software that allows the configuration of the measurement and processing of measurement results, and possible other processing computers.

Measuring station is the main part of the imission monitoring system. It allows to acquiring the data from the equipment, to change, or set the configuration of this equipment, to specify the methods of processing the evaluation of measured data, and submit the measured data for further processing.