VISUALIS is high professional tool for data evaluation, visualization, reporting and presentation.

This tool can work with data from several databases from both types of monitoring – Air quality monitoring and Emission monitoring.

And also with other data, which can be stored in SQL or ISO databases.

Visualis is providing following functions through user friendly interface:


– displaying data in graph, table and wind rose (mathematical graph, which calculates with Wind direction, speed and pollutant concentration) view. Each type of view has a lot of displaying settings to maximize personalization of each project.

– displaying  and evaluation of calibration results (in compliance with QAL3) in a summary graphs and tables

– Weekly graphs, which can compare week and weekend days

– Lots of statistical tools for table view, which can be displayed independently in month tables (daily averages) and year tables (monthly averages)

– Automatic data validation according to different criteria

– Manual data validation according to the user calculations

– Marking data with different attributes from monitoring and possibility to change them during validation

– Calculation data inputs into other averages for data outputs in moving or interval averaging function

– Exporting all tables into text (.txt) or MS Excel (.xls, .csv) formats

– Exporting all graphs into pictures formats

– Creating of Air Quality Index projects with several statistical functions

– Downloading missing data in connection with software WinCentral

– Displaying Service protocols from technicians, which they create after visiting the station

– Displaying selectable counts of Visualis projects at one Visualis workspace

– Automatic updates for all Visualis projects

– Possibility of creation of own mathematical formulas and visualization schemes, projects and user based data processing

– Histograms for Wind direction view

– Possibility of running selected Visualis projects or workspaces after Windows starts (Startup option) and updates all projects to actual time